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We transfer your ideas from mind to reality, do you have an ambitious idea and want to turn it into a successful application? Ideas Information Technology, your partner in programming applications that make your application the best among your competitors


Enjoy the powerful features

Business output with high quality

“Quality first” is one of the most important values that represent our corporate culture. We work with you as a technical and technical partner to get your work out in the best possible way.

Delivery speed

The Foundation has worked over the past years on projects in various Arab countries, during which it has proven our commitment to deadlines and work to implement your projects as quickly as possible.

Comprehensive design vision

If you want to order one of our design services and lack exactly what you want, we are ready to help you in putting forward new ideas that will strengthen your idea and increase its effectiveness.

Special offer Business

We can display your design in a distinctive way that explains the design idea, its message, and ways to use it in various fields, in line with your project or idea.

Customer satisfaction

One of the most important goals that we strive for is customer satisfaction, so the work is discussed with him step by step until we reach the point of convergence of ideas.

All design files

After completing the design work, you can request design files so that you can use them in all uses and be free to modify them

Project work steps

Receipt of the project

The development process begins with a comprehensive understanding of all the client's requirements and needs, then proposing suggestions and gathering ideas to develop the client's idea.

Planning stage

In the planning stage, a complete visualization of the application and data structure is put in place, as well as the mechanisms that the application will operate according to in order to ultimately provide the best possible user experience.

Design Stage

After carefully planning all aspects of the application, the design stage begins, in which all data is converted into an attractive visual form.

Programming Stage

After the design is completed, it is transferred directly to the development department, in order to convert it into code and software that can be used as a software system on mobile phones.

Upload the application

After completing the application, it will be uploaded to Google Play, the App store, and Windows Store, and follow-up procedures related to the application are completed.

Why do you settle your project in IDeas Tech I.T?

Privacy for your project

Whatever your idea or project is, it is very special and we do not resell it or implement it to other parties. We care about your success

We share your success

In hosting ideas, we do not consider the project financially. We share success with you because the success of your project means our success and we have all the technical means to support you and the success of your project

Free updates

We provide free updates for the first year to upgrade the software system presented to you through us to keep it fast and compatible with a server that is always new and programmed

Our Business in The Field of Mobile Applications

The ideas Foundation is classified as the third company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia market in terms of the number of applications and we have a lot of clients in this field and this is a group of our business:

Our services

IPhone application programming

We program the iPhone and iPad application according to the technical specifications you want and upload it to the App Store

Android application programming

We program the Android and tablet application according to the technical specifications you want and upload it to Google Play

Windows Application Programming

We program the Windows Phone application according to the technical specifications you want and upload it to the Microsoft Store

Programming applications games

We program game applications, no matter how complex, you can download our latest work

Browse application programming

The best solution, if you have a website, you can implement a web view browsing application for the website and publish the application on the stores

When We Put Our Expertise

Distinguish and distinguish your products and everything you want to sell professionally by using an application that helps you spread what you want and our experience always stands to help you in reaching your goal with a professional team

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