Business identity design

As part of our corporate name, we work to create everything that is exceptional and extraordinary, and design is part of that. You will have a distinctive design that will help you achieve your branding goals.

Business Identity

Designing commercial identities for institutions, bodies and companies is a prerequisite for defining their orientations and vision, and because we know that the brand plays an important role in building the company’s interface, products or services, and it is one of the basics for success for any project, whether small or large. The competition . We offer you an integrated service that starts with studying your company’s activity and then creating the appropriate business identity with the use of semantic colors consistent with your activity to produce an integrated identity on top of which is a distinct, special and unique logo that expresses the company's vision and philosophy.

Characteristics of a Business identity

Connotation and meaning

Significant, meaningful and distinct brand among competitors

Multiple designs

We offer a wide variety of logos and identity apps to choose from

Color philosophy

Use a color philosophy that fits and expresses your company's activity

Trade Mark

Qualifying and preparing the mark for its registration as a trademark at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Distinctive sign

Studying the competing brands to design a distinctive mark

Multiple packages

Designing different applications for commercial identity to suit each activity

official paper

We provide a formal design for your company's tasks from contracts and official papers

Roll Up Stand

Unique and attractive design to beautifully display your services to your visitors

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Implementation phases

An integrated design is made for all parts of the ID, such as official papers, business cards, roll-ups, etc.

It is done to show the effectiveness of the identity in an integrated manner

All identity files are sent after the final approval and making the necessary adjustments

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