SSL security certificates

Get the maximum degree of security, and add more confidence to your visitors

What are SSL security certificates?

SSL security certificates are needed by every website owner who wants to provide the highest levels of security for his signed visitors, and to be keen to increase the trust between him and his surfers, in order to prove that it is a reliable party.

The SSL security certificate works to protect important information such as credit card data, confidential numbers, and personal information that is entered through your site. When using an SSL certificate, the information becomes unreadable to everyone except the server to which you send the information and so you can guarantee that no A third party to obtain this information.

* It has also recently become a standard of SEO search engines

Internationally recognized certificates

2048-bit SHA-256 / RSA encryption

Support all browsers and software

Secure all subdomains

Upload archiving results to your site

Gain the trust of your customers with a secure site

A clear sign of credibility for your site

Free activation and installation of the certificate

Enable SSL on your website now

* Prices starting from 150 Saudi riyals annually

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